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The Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System. Let’s learn the Secrets of the Highly Profitable
Affiliate Marketing.

Imagine changing your life,  quitting your job and working for yourself, making money online for your family, so that you can retire richer and earlier while becoming, above all, free to control your schedule and have fun. The Super Affiliate System will help to make your dreams came though.

You might be thinking how The Super Affiliate System will help me?

First of all, should I go digital? 

Could I change my career and work from home in contrast to working in an office?

Due to, I have little resources, what should I do to have this kind of business?

What are there the steps? 

Maybe it is difficult!

How to be profitable with paid traffic while spending little money?

Does it take long?

Finaly, what about risks?

And So, you might also be thinking!​

Indeed, I understand that the booming digital marketing is a highly profitable market, but how can someone like me with no prior education or experience in technology could go into it?

You may also, have tried Affiliate Marketing and were unsuccessful. Maybe, it’s time for you to use a robust tool that will greatly increase your chance to make money online.

The Super Affiliate System can hel you ideed!

It is a high-end quality training developed by JOHN CRESTANI that teaches you how to build highly profitable campaigns in a very short time and very little money, on the whole,  John will show you how to create paid ads that work and also, give you working ads you can copy/paste.

You will have access to many give-away working downloadable presell page templates, and most impotantly, Click-and-Clone Clickfunnels templates that make it easy for first-timers to get started with NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY.

In addition, He will guide you to the highest converting offers, the best networks, and give you access to high-ticket offers that produce recurring revenues.



The focus of the program are:

– Copywriting

– Data Analysis

– Research

These skills form the backbone of all the teachings on how to effectively market products. Subsequently, students not only come out of the training with proven tactics and methods of making an income online but also, will have developed core skills that will help them no matter where they ultimately end up in life.

Focusing highly on mindset, exercises will expose students to visualization, goal setting and as well, assistance in reducing ‘Bright Object Syndrome’.

Furthemore, he maintains exceptionally strong engagement with students throughout the course by regularly sending them messages through email, text, voicemail, and push-notifications.

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features you love

Definitly, it is a robust learning process to affiliate marketing.

Learning in less time and really understanding the subject is crucial. Above all, a void losing your precious time.

Professional teaching videos

John´s videos are powerful. Not only it will grab your attention and help to build your new mindset but also, it will help you to become a new entrepreneur faster.

Excelent Support

Additionally, you will have access to the community of followers and students who have already gone through the experiences you will undergo.

Suitable not only for beginners

Regardeless of your level of experience, novice, intermediate or very experienced, there will always be plenty to learn from this course.

Affiliate Marketing System

the process you want

Effective understanding.

The program is divided into six weeks of traning that will guide you through a set-by-setp process, it is simple and easy to to learn. Definitrly, every one can do it.

  • Week- SYSTEM SETUP, websites, joining an affiliate network, clickfunnels…
  • 2th Week- GOOGLE ADS SETUP, serch ads setup, display ads setup, conversion pixes……
  • 3th Week- YOUTUBE ADS SETUP, chanel setup, ad setup, potencial mistakes…..
  • 4th Week- ADVANCED AD TATICS, outside professional advises.
  • 5th Week- PRESELL PAGES & SCALING, how to make a presell page and scale it.
  • 6th Week- PRODUCT SELECTION, how to find proffitable niches.
John Crestani Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing mindset

The right mindset

John is one of the best communicators in Affiliate Marketing field, he teaches in a clear and fun way and above all, helps you to build a new mindset needed to drive you to success.

John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Course 6 weeks

more value

It provides you whith lot of information extras!

Most noteworthy, John will give you more tools that will help you to master affiliate marketing

Targeting  Data- This will help you to define which peaple and communities to target.

AD Swipes- Will give you the ads you need to use.

Presell Pages- The landing pages that you need.

Affiliate Networks- Which affiliate network you can use.

and more, much more!

After all, what results are the students getting from Super Affiliate System?

Affiliate Marketin System testemonial
Affiliate Marketin System testemonial
Affiliate Marketin System testemonial
Affiliate Marketin System testemonial
Affiliate Marketin System testemonial
Affiliate Marketin System testemonial

The Media Is Starting to Notice

Even media outlets worldwide are starting to take notice of the massive success that John Crestani and his students have been creating for themselves, without having to work a traditional 9-to-5 job. Because of that, John has been featured in numerous media outlets all over the world.

Look what are they saying

“Crestani used his own hustle and Ferriss’ tips to build an affiliate marketing system that currently generates $250,000 to $500,000 per month, enables him to travel the world, and scales on-demand.”

“As for the secrets to his success, Mr. Crestani said it boils down to a classic mix of drive, talent and a non-stop work ethic.”

Affiliate Summit
“Outside of the internet, Crestani is known for being self-motivated as well as wanting to motivate others.”

What are your options? You have 3

Option 1

In the first option, you can be sitting by the sidelines, not taking part of this amazing entrepreneurial revolution, giving up on your dreams and  all the benefits of being a self-employed digital marketing professional and finally, continuing doing what
you´re doing.

But ….. If you wanted that, you wouldn’t have read this until here. Let’s be frank!

Option 2

You are reading this because you believe that you deserve a better life, and perhaps, another career. This is what you are looking for. Studyng by your own is one way to achieve that, taking a lot of time, and doing all that through work to learn those new skills. People will certainly, try to teach you many complex concepts and theories. Then you will try to use them to create you own business. That will be extremely difficult, and, in the end, it may not work. Then you will realize that you have spent a lot of your precious time and money.

Option 3

Enroll in
It is a step by step approach that will guide you during few weeks to the skill that you need.
Consequently, this is the fastest way to become a digital market professional and make money at internet, perhaps, a lot of money.

The Faster You Make More Income,
The Better!

You could enroll in an MBA course, for instance, to start your business or get a better job. This is a great idea and if you can, you shoul get it. But it may take up to two years to complete it and also, you need a lot of resources. A good course can cost up to $ 100,000 or more. 

In contrast, you could spend only 6 to 12 weeks and less than a thousand dollars. And also, you don’t even need a college degree to attend. 

After that period, you will be ready to start your business. Furthermore, with so many millions of people daily in the internet, why not take advantage of this huge potential market right now?





Up to $100,000

Value $4,985

Price   $   997


Time to complete


Up to 2 years


6 to 12 weeks






Not required




In Short, with Super Affiliate System you can have:

  • Fast learning skills, as low as 6 weeks
  • The freedom that you deserve to live your life in your own terms
  • Control over your own time
  • Effective training, if you try hard, you will be prepared to improve your income
  • Flexibility, you can study wherever you want and whenever you want
  • Automatic passive income
  • Control your time whithout a boss
  • Technical skills is not needed
  • You do not need a degree.
  • Location  is not important, you can work from anywhere.
  • Forget  inventory
  • No need to develop products
  • A community of entrepreneurs to help
  • Early retirement
  • Money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q- Should I Leave My Job to Start This Business?
A-No! Firstly, you must be sure you are making enough money to be able to leave your job. At the beginning, you should make it in parallel to your actual job. Like any other this business model also has risks. The more prepared you are, the less risk you are exposed to.

Q-Who Should/Can Get into This Business? 
A-Anyone can do this type of business. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit of have an interest for the new emerging world of online marketing, this business is ideal for you. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to build this business.

Q- How Much Extra Capital Is Needed?
You will need $4/month for your website, and a minimum of $250 to spend on your ads. And, of course, you need the money to buy the course.

Q- Can I Do This and Get Paid If I Live in __________?
Yes! You can do this, AND GET PAID, no matter what country you live in around the world. You will need a bank account, or an address that a check can be sent to, in order to get paid though.

Q- How Many Hours Should I Put Into this Business Daily?
You will need 2-3 hours per week to complete the course, although the experience shows that, the more time you spend in this the more rewards you will get out of it. If you expect 100% of results, you must be willing to commit yourself 100% to this business. Therefore, treat this as if it were a “Million Dollar Business” (because it truly is) and you will reap the benefits of your hard-earned work. We recommend allocating a few hours a day to truly see the best results.At 

All You Need is Yourself and a Computer!